Saturday, March 14, 2009

"stupid heads"

WOW. guys.. seriously i find it REALLY REALLY funny that people(haters) would actually comment THE SAME THING on my pc video. DONT YOU FREAKIN KNOW I KNOW THE QUALITY OF MY CAMERA IS BADD. really unless you wanna give me $150 to buy a new one you need to shut your stupid little whole on your face most people would call a mouth. im tired of all this stupid CRAP CRAP CRAP. people like them need HELPPP.

sorry im just sooo madd right now. like do they read the comment below theres. do they REALLY need to repeat the same thing OVER AND OVER AGAIN. freakin idiots like them make me want to stop mmaking videos. UGHHHHHHH.


Thursday, March 12, 2009

"How Cute Is That"

hey guys so i got my nails done today! yep yepbut the main reason why is bcuz i got a shot :( BUT I GOT A LOLLOPOP AFTERWARDS :D ha ya. if huuuurrrtt. but not AS bad as i think but it still hurt. eeek i hate needles. ha. so the ENTIRE week ive curled my ahir. ive been way way wayyyy to lazy to straighten it so curling was my only option and i gotta say i htink my hair looks better curled then straight. but idk ithink its just one of my many CRAZY fazes.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are you tan?im medium
Do you own chanel perfume?yep
Do you shower daily? every other day
Do you go to the tanning bed? no way
Do you wear nail polish? yerp
Do you use MAC make-up? NO DUH.
Do you straighten your hair everyday? when im not lazy

Name all your best friends: Becca and Logan
Is the term Best friends a label or promise? promise
Do you have more than 1 TRUE best friend? yep
Do you hang out with your friends every day? uh ya
What is the longest you have been in a fight with your bff? 1 hour lol to long!
Is it easier to talk to your girl friends or guy friends? girls
Would you ever date one of your close guy friends? ew gross

Do you have style and originality? UH DUH IM LAUREN! IS THAT ORIGINALITY ENOUGH!
Do you own a designer handbag? NO DUH
Do you own something from Lacoste? nope
Do or did you wear leggings?with short skirts
Is the color you'll never wear yellow? no.
Do you get fashion tips from magazines? depends what they are
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Hollister? no.
Do you wear sweats a lot? hmm just juicy

Are you a movie freak? not really
Have you see over 10 movies in the past month? yep
Do you have a show that you must watch? lately GOSSIP GIRL!
Do you watch The Hills on MTV? MTV not the hills
Have you ever seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy? nope
What is your favorite G Rated movie? walle
Do you like classic movies? i like singing in the rain
Do you watch 30 or more hours of tv a week? OH YA
Do you own over 100 dvds? hmm no
Is Law And Order awesome? never seen it

Do you watch baseball on tv? eww no
Who's your favorite baseball player? anyone from the Rangers
Do you play basketball? nope
Do you watch it on tv? no
Do you swim? during the summer
Last time you were in a pool? summer
Are you good at volleyball? YEP lessons every Wednesday night LUHV IT
Is soccer cool? yep. im playing next year
Do you like to run? no
Are you in shape? yup
Favorite sports team? DALLAS COWBOYS
Last sporting event you attended? school varsity football.

Do you like all types of music? no
What about rap?not heavy rap
Have you been to more than 5 concerts? ive been to 3
Do you like Panic at the Disco? no
Are you constantly downloading music? yes
Favorite Rock band? dont have one
Favorite local band? idk
What is the current song on your myspace page? dont have myspace

Do you have more than 1 sibling? ONLY CHILD :D
Are you closer to your mom or dad? dad
Do you like your living arangements? yes
Do you wish you could move? yes to this ahmazing rich neighborhood
Do your grandparents spoil you? yes all of them. even the great g.parents that are 90
Do you have any step parents or siblings? no
How many cousins do you have? 10 normal and lots of 2nd cousins
Which of your relatives lives the farthest away, and where? most of my moms family lives in kentucky and indiana. which i went to last year and went to rite aid for the first time! i freaked out!