Wednesday, December 31, 2008

let the ball drop

hey fellas,lady felass ( hah got that from drake and josh!),

welll today is the last day on 2008! and so i really hope you like my blog! if so plz leave a comment saying you do! if not.. well you can get over it! also if you have any questions then leave it on the side. plz no posers. they are stupid immature people who i will bann from posting on my cbox. but anyway im still working on new things to fix my blog. ill probably change my blog every 2 weeks or so. but ya i just relized that after christmas break then 2 weeks later i have one monday off. then spring break.. then a couple weeks later i have another monday off. then SUMMER! but i dont want summer to come because ill be going to high school! and the 3 years later college! and im scared to go to college!

ok but anyway back to talking about my blog. i decided im just going to start making my blogabout me. im sweet and cute but at the same time i can snap you like a twig! like you do and you die! so my blog tellsalot about me!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


omg guys. would you get off the stupid ashley situation! i mean i cant change what hapened last night. and yes i hate that i was mean to her. but i dont think that you watch the hate video she made about me. she had that video up for like 5 minutes but then deleted it. sooo if anyone is gonna keep dissing sarah or anyone ( expecially me) on my chat box you will be banned from posting stuff. guys get over it! YOU CANT CHANGE THE PAST!!!

morning coffee

hello lovelies!

so today is a lovely morning. even though i done even drinnk coffee. unless it has alot of vanilla in it! i thouhgt why not everyone grab a cup of coffee and sit down and read this post becuz it will kinda log! so last nighs live show was so hilar. like come on! lezzi?,mmrs.straightjacket??!, hahaha. yes good times! but you know what aashley says " im just so immature!" hahah. so im the immature. i didnt go and make a video saying how much i hate her did i?? uh no i believe that was HER! so i will be making a video over my mac eye shawdows and lipglass/lusterglasses that i got for christmas. it will prob. be later today becuz taylor is over right now. but i will try to get it done when i can.becuz i know alot of people want to see what i got. and trust me i didnt expect to get that mmuch! but ya i did.
so new fashion trend that i love love luves! is layers. no matter if you do it with bracelets,tops,neclaces. well i would skip the bottoms unless you wear a mini with leggings. not full legging the ones that go halfway. full leggings or soooooo out! but i love layers expecially when it comes to my tops becuz in the winter you can wear how many layers you want, ofcourse you have to be able to breathe.!!
soo my bday is kinda comin around the corner. (shell be comin round the mt.wheen she comes!!!) and the really main thing that i want is a imac desktop. cuz i have a dell and i pretty my dislike it. so thats what im asking for. but it has to be a wireless mouse and keyboard. but know me i would lose the mouse/keyboard. i really want to get my itouch back. but i only have $91 dollars.well actually 101 becuz my mom owes me 10! haha. well anyway thats about it! wanna know what else im doing?... like right this second????? then follow me at!

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Monday, December 29, 2008

hola senoritas

hola senoritas!and dont 4get the senors! so today my friend taylor is coming tonigh we will being a live chat! idk what time she is notcoming over until 1. but i will post a video up saying we will be going live so no one else will go lve. becuz i really want to go live with my friend.
and we will be live allllll night. hahahaha

well alots of love!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

get a life

so i just went to strawbezzis blog to see if she made a new post. and in her cbox people were having a full on conversation with something named juicy. that ofcouse is not me. but people are just so rude. like saying there sick of me. i make videos on youube. but i enjoy doing it. not to start drama with stupid imaure people like them. if they have a problem with me they can talk to me about it instead of being immature little babies and writing it on strawbezzis cbox. and strawbezzi even knows better then to think thats really me. i told her on youtube and she knows thats not me. so seriously people if you dont like me. then dont watch my videos instead of being stupid immature freaks and write about it on someones comment box??!!

but after thats over. im going to make a video on my juicy couure collection today. and maby change my youtube background. but i wont beable to be on the computer very long because we are painting my closet today! then tomorrow night my friend taylor migh spend the night! then i will be going live with her and we will being doing tons of fun stuff! so watch on monday night for me and my friend to go live!

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ustream chats


Saturday, December 27, 2008

put the tree away

hay bay bay,

hey peoples! so i ordered stuff from sephora today. one of the things being for my franny girlie :). and the other being benefit highbeam!

so my video for my haul is uploading right now and i cant wait for everyone to see what i got!
sorry for such a short post. my life is pretty much boring right now!

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Friday, December 26, 2008

ha ha holidays

hey guys! so i hope you had a good christmas! i know i did. i got most of wat i wanted. but i cant have everything! so ill be making a haul tomorrow. i will anouce at the beginning that i got alot of things because ive bot alot with gift cards. which is true. well the new year is coming up! so be sure to check out some of some of new videos coming soon.

alot of people have been asking how my new closet has been going. well it is fully built. all we have to do is finish painting and then we have to fill it with clohes!

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ring a ding ding

do you hear that?? i think they are sleigh bells! jkjk im not that stupid...... ok what ev. thats not the point. the point is tomorrows christmas! im not going to brag about presents at all! but idk if i should make a video of what i got becuz i already know people would say im a spoiled brat.. blah blah blah..... but i willl say that i will block anyone who says mean stuff and the reaason i get a kinda large amount is becuz i have a large family ( not like brothers and sisters but like cousins and stuff) and iman only child.but my mom doesnt just buy presents like in one month she buys throughout the year. but anyway i hope everyone has a merry christmas and a happy new year! and watch out for more vids on youtube! also if you wanna know what im doing follow me on twitter! my username is afh-cors juicychicluvsya!

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so im talking to fran right now she says hi! lolol well so she told me to her survey.. ya!!!!!!!

Have you ever?
Sat on your rooftop: no! im too clumsy!
Kissed someone in the rain: No. :(
Danced in a public place: no duh!
Smiled for no reason:i smile 24-7
Laughed so hard you cried: actually yes. i also almost peed myself..
Written a song: uhhh no.
Sang to someone for no reason: yes! in my chats and when me and fran go live!
Performed on a stage: yes. 3rd grade. i had to sing for baby jesus. almost threw up!
Gone out of your way to befriend somebody:ya a really cute guy. but he ended up being a jerk!

Who was the last person to:
Say hi to you: francesca!
Tell you, i love you: francesca!
Tell you BYE: my daddy. he just left
wrote you a note:my fried rebecca.
take your photo: my webcam
call your cellphone: francesca!
buy you something: my dad
go with you to the movies: mom and dad. im a dork
text message you: francesca!

Whats the last...:
Time you laughed:this morning talking to fran!
Time you cried: actually it was when strawbezzi veiwers came to my chat and said rude things!
movie you watched: watching movie now. christmas in wounderland
joke you told: knock knock, interupting cow, moooooooo!!!!!
song you've sang: single ladies
time you've looked at the clock:11:33
drink you've had: starbuchs pashion fruit lemonade
food you've eaten : mexican food! lol
flavor of gum chewed: wintermint
shoes you've worn: white coach shoes
store you've been in: american eagle. hollister
thing you've said: what is this movie called????

Can you:
write with both hands: nope, right all the way!
whistle:funny. i could only whistle with my braces on!
blow a bubble: yep.
roll your tongue in a circle:ya. but i cant do alot
cross your eyes: only when i need to look at my nose!
stay up a whole night without sleep:me and my friend taylor stayed up until 6 but fell asleep and woke up again at 3 in the afternoon! its cuz we drank monster!
speak a diff. language:i wish.
impersonate someone:haha no. but i watch fran do it! me and shayna know!!!!!!!!
cook anything: all the time!

Finish the line:
If i were a...:butterfly i could... fly!
I wish...:i was i was a princess
So many people don't know that: i love mexican food?? jk i think thats obvious.
I am...: talking to fran., watching a christmas movie, onthe couch,thinking about what to eat
My heart is: uhhh idk what is my heart supposed to be>? heart shaped?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

here to the rescue

hello my lovelies!

lauren here to save you from fashion does and dontS! so you know how i do my current state of union? well those are cool but i want to help more in the way of fashion lovers, LIKE ME! so thats why im starting my does and donts. sorry if you still think my donts are "in" but they are my opinions. also i do research from lucky,teen voque and GL magazines. so enjoy!

All Kinds Of Myspace stuff
juicy knee highs
lots of bling

full length tights
sequined tops


eve of eve

hey guys! so today i what i like to a call the eve of christmas eve! and yesterday was eve of the eve of christmas eve. ya it goes on. but 2 freakin days until christmas! im so exited!

my next video will be my christmas haul. i might not do it on christmas day and i might. if you were on my last live alot of people said they got to know me better. well we really got indepth about youtube and haters and all the stupid stuff that has been going on. and no one said anything mean about anyone. (well exept haterz or couse )

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Monday, December 22, 2008

almost here

so if you have noticed i dont get many people saying mean things on my cbox.its becuz i blocked alot of people! hahahahahahah yes fran showed me how. I LOVE THAT GIRL. and no im not gay or anything. alot of people have been posing as me and srawbezzi on peoople cboxes and its really funny.
well the real reason im here is becuz.... its almost CHRISTMAS! yayaya im so exited.well actuallymostlyanxious. i know alot of things im getting but then again alot of things i dont know. so i cant wait until i can make my christmas haul!
jimmy mac!!!! :)
OUTAll Kinds Of Myspace stuff
maccosmetics (not really!)


Friday, December 19, 2008


Christmas Countdown & MySpace Layouts

current state of union

ustream drama
matching blogs

the question game
christmas hogs! ?????

im free!

ehmahgawd! i just took my last exam and i feel so free! im gonna go live today 4:00 central and ill go into more detail!

breakfast at tiffanys
lauren and fran

thanksgiving feast
juicychicluvsya and coconutty222

Thursday, December 18, 2008


hey guys sorry for everything!something went wrong and it wouldnt let me do anything to my blog so i had to make another one!