Sunday, December 28, 2008

get a life

so i just went to strawbezzis blog to see if she made a new post. and in her cbox people were having a full on conversation with something named juicy. that ofcouse is not me. but people are just so rude. like saying there sick of me. i make videos on youube. but i enjoy doing it. not to start drama with stupid imaure people like them. if they have a problem with me they can talk to me about it instead of being immature little babies and writing it on strawbezzis cbox. and strawbezzi even knows better then to think thats really me. i told her on youtube and she knows thats not me. so seriously people if you dont like me. then dont watch my videos instead of being stupid immature freaks and write about it on someones comment box??!!

but after thats over. im going to make a video on my juicy couure collection today. and maby change my youtube background. but i wont beable to be on the computer very long because we are painting my closet today! then tomorrow night my friend taylor migh spend the night! then i will be going live with her and we will being doing tons of fun stuff! so watch on monday night for me and my friend to go live!

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