Tuesday, December 30, 2008

morning coffee

hello lovelies!

so today is a lovely morning. even though i done even drinnk coffee. unless it has alot of vanilla in it! i thouhgt why not everyone grab a cup of coffee and sit down and read this post becuz it will kinda log! so last nighs live show was so hilar. like come on! lezzi?,mmrs.straightjacket??!, hahaha. yes good times! but you know what aashley says " im just so immature!" hahah. so im the immature. i didnt go and make a video saying how much i hate her did i?? uh no i believe that was HER! so i will be making a video over my mac eye shawdows and lipglass/lusterglasses that i got for christmas. it will prob. be later today becuz taylor is over right now. but i will try to get it done when i can.becuz i know alot of people want to see what i got. and trust me i didnt expect to get that mmuch! but ya i did.
so new fashion trend that i love love luves! is layers. no matter if you do it with bracelets,tops,neclaces. well i would skip the bottoms unless you wear a mini with leggings. not full legging the ones that go halfway. full leggings or soooooo out! but i love layers expecially when it comes to my tops becuz in the winter you can wear how many layers you want, ofcourse you have to be able to breathe.!!
soo my bday is kinda comin around the corner. (shell be comin round the mt.wheen she comes!!!) and the really main thing that i want is a imac desktop. cuz i have a dell and i pretty my dislike it. so thats what im asking for. but it has to be a wireless mouse and keyboard. but know me i would lose the mouse/keyboard. i really want to get my itouch back. but i only have $91 dollars.well actually 101 becuz my mom owes me 10! haha. well anyway thats about it! wanna know what else im doing?... like right this second????? then follow me at twitter.com/juicychicluvsya.!

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