Wednesday, December 24, 2008


so im talking to fran right now she says hi! lolol well so she told me to her survey.. ya!!!!!!!

Have you ever?
Sat on your rooftop: no! im too clumsy!
Kissed someone in the rain: No. :(
Danced in a public place: no duh!
Smiled for no reason:i smile 24-7
Laughed so hard you cried: actually yes. i also almost peed myself..
Written a song: uhhh no.
Sang to someone for no reason: yes! in my chats and when me and fran go live!
Performed on a stage: yes. 3rd grade. i had to sing for baby jesus. almost threw up!
Gone out of your way to befriend somebody:ya a really cute guy. but he ended up being a jerk!

Who was the last person to:
Say hi to you: francesca!
Tell you, i love you: francesca!
Tell you BYE: my daddy. he just left
wrote you a note:my fried rebecca.
take your photo: my webcam
call your cellphone: francesca!
buy you something: my dad
go with you to the movies: mom and dad. im a dork
text message you: francesca!

Whats the last...:
Time you laughed:this morning talking to fran!
Time you cried: actually it was when strawbezzi veiwers came to my chat and said rude things!
movie you watched: watching movie now. christmas in wounderland
joke you told: knock knock, interupting cow, moooooooo!!!!!
song you've sang: single ladies
time you've looked at the clock:11:33
drink you've had: starbuchs pashion fruit lemonade
food you've eaten : mexican food! lol
flavor of gum chewed: wintermint
shoes you've worn: white coach shoes
store you've been in: american eagle. hollister
thing you've said: what is this movie called????

Can you:
write with both hands: nope, right all the way!
whistle:funny. i could only whistle with my braces on!
blow a bubble: yep.
roll your tongue in a circle:ya. but i cant do alot
cross your eyes: only when i need to look at my nose!
stay up a whole night without sleep:me and my friend taylor stayed up until 6 but fell asleep and woke up again at 3 in the afternoon! its cuz we drank monster!
speak a diff. language:i wish.
impersonate someone:haha no. but i watch fran do it! me and shayna know!!!!!!!!
cook anything: all the time!

Finish the line:
If i were a...:butterfly i could... fly!
I wish...:i was i was a princess
So many people don't know that: i love mexican food?? jk i think thats obvious.
I am...: talking to fran., watching a christmas movie, onthe couch,thinking about what to eat
My heart is: uhhh idk what is my heart supposed to be>? heart shaped?

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