Wednesday, December 31, 2008

let the ball drop

hey fellas,lady felass ( hah got that from drake and josh!),

welll today is the last day on 2008! and so i really hope you like my blog! if so plz leave a comment saying you do! if not.. well you can get over it! also if you have any questions then leave it on the side. plz no posers. they are stupid immature people who i will bann from posting on my cbox. but anyway im still working on new things to fix my blog. ill probably change my blog every 2 weeks or so. but ya i just relized that after christmas break then 2 weeks later i have one monday off. then spring break.. then a couple weeks later i have another monday off. then SUMMER! but i dont want summer to come because ill be going to high school! and the 3 years later college! and im scared to go to college!

ok but anyway back to talking about my blog. i decided im just going to start making my blogabout me. im sweet and cute but at the same time i can snap you like a twig! like you do and you die! so my blog tellsalot about me!

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