Thursday, January 1, 2009

where the rain ends and rainbow begins

hello fashion divas and diva-ets

so i know im so so disapointed in myself. i have not posted about the latest fashion! and trust me i have ALOT to spill!

so first off jewlry. animal print seems to be very popular. and i was just watching the girl danielleisdarrling or something and her whole room is zebra print and i totally ahdored that! so ya totally cute. i have a cheeta print necklace and and matching charm bracelet from betsey johnson (as seen in christmas haul) thats really cute. also big jewlry is really really cute.

ok some stuff that has hapened on ustream. well elenabrooke now known as juicyfied something deleted her vids becuz of something scary that hapened on ustream. if you ever go live and you see something with the name dingo in it plz plz bann him. he will give you a virus that gives him your IP address that gives him all your info. including where you live. that is why i will not being live anymore. there are to many freakos on ustream and i dont wanna go on there anymore. i mean i like everyone but if i had to choose between entertaining my veiwers or my life. well i choose uhhh MY LIFE!

but i will still be making you tube vids and twitter and blog. just no more ustream. sorry.

but anywho back to fashion. i guess everything else i have to say will be in my do's and donts!

french manicure
pashion fruit lemonade (starbucks)
tall black uggs
gift cards
layering clothes

polka dots on nails
heavy coats

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