Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ill be there when you fall

hey guys! so i know dont mad...ok dont yell! ha jk but ya sorry i havent posted ina while. been busy with school and some other things..but this is gonna bea kinda long post.

so if you scroll dont you can see that there is a bible verse at the end of this post. sorry if your antichist or athiest but i dont really care. yes i do like to plz my veiwers but as one of my new years resolutions i want to be a better person/christian. that doesnt mean im not gonna stop being funny.ha no way.just trying to be nicer to people who arent (ok ill still have good comebbacks)nice to me. but trust me im can just be as feirce as always. sorry if you dont like me anymore. and if you think im stupid becuz i love God. then well i think you need help. and im not trying to be mean but seriously thats stupid.

so fashion. i just got black uggs! ya! they are the short classic back. and im soin love. i also have a haul from urban outfitters and forever 21,and its just sitting inmy files waiting to be edited but ya. i can just tell you what i got. so first i got 3 things from urban outfitters. first igot a headband with a giant flower on it.2nd i got a navy button up jacket.and 3rd i gotthis shirt.its navy and has a hole bunch of lace on the chest. its so pretty

then the stuff i got from forever21. a tanish scarf hats 2 toned. a giant white flower ring. and white knee high socks! my uggs arent in the video cuz i got myuggs on tuesday and i went shopping on saturday.

well thats it. thanks for reading my post!

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins

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