Friday, January 16, 2009

youll be the prince and ill be the princess

Bom dia! (hello in portuagese!) i hope i just looked that up! ha but im gonna say that from now on! so i want to upload my haul. so i want on my computer and the wii fii wont work! idk so im on my dads computer making this post. and im not allowed to upload vids. on this comp. cuz my dad says it slows it done. so today really has been about friendship for me. idk i was just thinking about how every little thing you say really changes how people look at you/feel about you.
i know random right?! ha ya but im probably gonna change my blogskins today i just gotta find 1 that i really like!

well sorry for such a short blog. thats really all i needed to say!

well ok actually i have more.
my birthday is in 22 days so for my bday im going on a GIANORMO (gi-nor-mo) (ha i say that alot.) haul! like really big
like buying couple things from all my favorite stores! ahhh! :O! and then i can have like 2 or 3 friends spend the night. yep yep. so yep.

omg ya i almost 4got! so i went to this restraunt last night. and we were sitting down eating and there was this old man sitting my himself. and my dad was like. is that guy ok? so i turned around and he was slouched over with his hands in his lap. i was like..well maby he is just praying..well 5 minutes later he starts to like fall over. so one of the waistreses like help him and at first they think that he fell asleep. so they like start shaking him and trying to wake him up. BUT HE WONT DO ANYTHING! so they called 911. and the ambulence get there and he finally starts to .llike wake up but he like cant talk and he looked like really dizzy. well they take his blood pressure and stuff. well turns out they his blood pressure was extremely low and he passed out! ya and he was probably around 75 or 80. but he was seriously at the table right next to me! and they had to take him to the hospital. but i lost my appitite and i couldnt eat cuz it made me so sad. ya that hapened last night and i really hope he is ok! but the sad part is he was alone. idk is it just me or do you get sad when you see old people eat by themselves? well i do.

thanks for reading!

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves you all the time

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