Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its not what you wear, but how you wear it! <3

So its official, lauren has finished packing for her cruise! YUP! im leaving tommorrow and i dont get back until saturday. i will post over everything that i got when i get back. im sooo exited you have no clue! :D So i bought alot for the cruise or shall i say im bringing alot! i was really into dresses that have Giant bows in the middle. they are so cute! i think i just like bows period. also flowers and and bows for your hair . i bought a bunch for my hair to wear on the cruise. i find then extremely fashionable. i really went all out to make sure i look good 24/7 when im on the cruise. Not becuz i wanna be stuck up BUT because its only a 6 day thing and why not? most of us are to lazy to always look really nice, 6 days isnt gonna kill me.

so i hope all of you have a Fabulouss thanksgiving and make sure not to eat to much pumpkin pie! ;P

Saturday, November 14, 2009

sooo i going to the mall sometime this week and i just wanted to say some things that i was gonna get when i go:

~clothes from forever 21
~glitter liners from urban decay
~24/7 liner from urban decay
~new holiday lotions from b&bw
and ya so it doesnt seem like much butttt theres like alot of things that i want but i cant really put it in words. ya'know?? soo i was happened across Lady Gaga's song called fashion on youtube. and whoever posted it had a bunch of pictures of her. and i relized. SHES A CREEPERR! like im sorry if you like her style, but i find it repulsive and quite unattrractive. dont get me wrong i love some of her songs like papperazi, love game, and fashion but she is quite the weirdy! haha

hair bows and flowers
wanting an iphone
Big Blue

ponytails and messy buns
Having an iphone (not really but its only cuz i dont have one lol)
Big Red

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wake up in the morning feelin like Pdiddy

HEYYYYYY! so omg its been like what a year!? well not reallyz but you get the point? soooo i guess you could say that i havent changed much at all. still the same crazy, lovable,totally goofy but still serious Lauren. i have started highschool this year and homework is pretty hectic. i guess ive learned some things this year,

1. there really is no such things as copycats, just sperficial girls who wish you were copying them.

2.always look your best, doesnt matter if you at walmart or the grammys cuz you will always see someone you know (trust me!)

3.straightening and curling is so bad for ur hair. i basically gave up on them both.

4.All guys are pervs.

5.Swine is all around you. wash your hands!

6. a little glitter never hurt anyone.

So ya those things may seem stupid and pointless but trustme. they do come in handy. umm fashion im likes:

Jewlry- My gold charm bracelet, and juicy necklaces, and as many rings as i can wear.

Jeans-so true religion a little to expensive for ya? try Miss me. there half the price and just as cute. i bought 2 pairs and there totally worth it.

shirts-anything really from forever 21 (within reason) also since its fall i like victoria secret sweatkjackets.

shoes-well im still wearing my blackflipflops. but as the cold weather rolls in, i am wearing coach sneakers.

So thats about it. Thanks for reading and i should be updating more often if i can.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


hey guys. so i know i havnt been really making videos. the reason becuz my dog died. she was hit by a car. it was a tragic event that really hurt me. i had that dog since i was 5,so basically ever since i can remember stuff. so this is basically what i wanted to tell you. thanks :)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

HOLA! soo tommorw taylor is spending the night! WOO. yep so we are probaby gonna go live tommorow night. yay! i havnt gona live in foreverrrrr! im also going to the mall tommorw so ill put up a haul probably with taylor. soo im sorry this is such a small post. but i guess nothing really has hapened. ive been on summer break for like 3 or 4 weeks. im probably not going on vacation cuz we are getting a pool. but we might just go on a small little trip for the weekend or something. yep yep. ive also been uploading alot of videos lately. today im probably gonna uploaded a jewlry collection video. i dont have very much jewlry but ill show you what i mostly have.

lauren :P

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

<33 im a beast when you turn me on. HAHA

HOLA! so im soooo totally bored today! but im have a busy week ahead of me.tomorrow taylor is coming over and then thursday me and taylor are going to a Mac counter cuz they are having some kind of party and we are gonna get our makeup done. then taylor will go home and im going to my friend Erica's and we are gonna go swimming ALLLLL day! then this weekend i have nothing to do AGAIN! yep yep. my summer is always boring. OH WAIT I 4GOT! saturday i have volleyball camp! yep fun fun.
so last night i went to my dillards and i got clinique 3 step fash wash cuz the stuff im using is not cutting it. so i decided to try something different. so far so good. ive only used it 2 times and ive been pleased so far. ive heard alot of good things about it so i hope it works well for me! :D well thats about it i hope everyone has a good rest of the week and happy weekend



Sunday, May 31, 2009

such goober heads

So you wanna know why me and sarah are goober heads?! well this is basically how our conversations go on yahoo..

Lauren Lauren: hello jello
sarah: hiiiiiiiiiiii
Lauren Lauren: wats up my homie!?
sarah: just got a shower you?
Lauren Lauren: just did my makeup and getting ready to go eat mexican food!
sarah: go figure you eating mexican
Lauren Lauren: yo mama is a mexicna
Lauren Lauren: mexican*
sarah: ik
Lauren Lauren: hehahehahe

yep i know :)