Saturday, November 14, 2009

sooo i going to the mall sometime this week and i just wanted to say some things that i was gonna get when i go:

~clothes from forever 21
~glitter liners from urban decay
~24/7 liner from urban decay
~new holiday lotions from b&bw
and ya so it doesnt seem like much butttt theres like alot of things that i want but i cant really put it in words. ya'know?? soo i was happened across Lady Gaga's song called fashion on youtube. and whoever posted it had a bunch of pictures of her. and i relized. SHES A CREEPERR! like im sorry if you like her style, but i find it repulsive and quite unattrractive. dont get me wrong i love some of her songs like papperazi, love game, and fashion but she is quite the weirdy! haha

hair bows and flowers
wanting an iphone
Big Blue

ponytails and messy buns
Having an iphone (not really but its only cuz i dont have one lol)
Big Red


  1. hey lauren! do u still make utube vids?
    i miss them!!
    update more often :)
    pls visit my blog

  2. hey girl

    I just found you blog and love it. keep up the good work.