Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wake up in the morning feelin like Pdiddy

HEYYYYYY! so omg its been like what a year!? well not reallyz but you get the point? soooo i guess you could say that i havent changed much at all. still the same crazy, lovable,totally goofy but still serious Lauren. i have started highschool this year and homework is pretty hectic. i guess ive learned some things this year,

1. there really is no such things as copycats, just sperficial girls who wish you were copying them.

2.always look your best, doesnt matter if you at walmart or the grammys cuz you will always see someone you know (trust me!)

3.straightening and curling is so bad for ur hair. i basically gave up on them both.

4.All guys are pervs.

5.Swine is all around you. wash your hands!

6. a little glitter never hurt anyone.

So ya those things may seem stupid and pointless but trustme. they do come in handy. umm fashion im likes:

Jewlry- My gold charm bracelet, and juicy necklaces, and as many rings as i can wear.

Jeans-so true religion a little to expensive for ya? try Miss me. there half the price and just as cute. i bought 2 pairs and there totally worth it.

shirts-anything really from forever 21 (within reason) also since its fall i like victoria secret sweatkjackets.

shoes-well im still wearing my blackflipflops. but as the cold weather rolls in, i am wearing coach sneakers.

So thats about it. Thanks for reading and i should be updating more often if i can.

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