Wednesday, January 28, 2009

life is a maze and love is a riddle

so im so so sorry for not making a post! ive been trying to consentrate on school. and since today is a snow day i thought WHY NOT MAKE A POST!
so on saturday it will be a week until my birthday! and im going shopping with friends on friday and then we are gonna make a really funny video (rachel) and then 2 of my friends dont wanna be in the video so there gonna be like "in disquese" and doing crazy stuff in the not really sure what the theme of the video will thinking that there isnt gonna be a theme but just do a whole bunch of crazy stuff and name is "cuz were cool like that". ya its gonna be CRAZY!
but thats really it. mynet video will be that one^^^^^ or my haul. not sure yet but we will see!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


hey guys! so this is kinda a blowoff post but i like to update you on everything. so my my birthday is in 17days and alll day in school all i could think about is what stores im gonna shop at! like i could barely get any work done. but we didnt have alot to do so it was easy.
so sarah (sarahbelle93) showed me a coolio way to wear mmy scarf. so ive been wearing scarfs alot lately and if i dont wear scarfs i wear the necklaces i got from christmas!

see what a waste of a post? but i like to make one post a day

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

we live for the fame.

BOM DIA! uhm ya so i went to dillards for the free makeup! well i kinda went late and all they had the clinique moister surge and estee lauder age defying. and i dont think i need age defying so afcorse i got the clinque. i havnt used it but when i do ill tell you how i like it. so my bday is in 17 days (tomorrow 17)! and im trying to come up with some goodies to get. and as you can see from the picures above^^^^^^^ thats kinda the stuff i want. but its not like i want to buy like everything in one store. no thats no how i roll. i like to get a variety from each store. or shall i say broaden my horizens! haha. but its funny cuz when i go shopping im always like. "ok im not aloud to walk out this door with less then * bags" and usely never get that many bags becuz it seems when i have alot of money to spend i cant find anything .and when i have little or no money i find everything i want! and usely when its my money i never find stuff i want but when its my parents i find alot. which will be a good thing when i go on my birthday spree cuz it will be my parents money! so yep enjoy the pics.!


Monday, January 19, 2009

juicy owns! (lol inside joke!)

hey guys so i just got back from the store.and i need tocelan meroombut i decided before i do i wanted to show everyone anew perfume i got.its called c-thru.there are 3 different kinds and i got the blue opal. and it smells like a fresh oceanykinda smellmixed with edd hardy!well i really like it and think you should check it out!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


sorry about my horrable background! its realy late and im really tired so ill finish it tomorrow

i rock the world with my girls

bom dia! lol heyy. so its exactly 9:38 well 39 now. and i just woke up. still in my pjs and my hair is a mess! and eating reeses pieces yum! so nuthin really goin on. well with my thoughts shall i say.but i was thinking of actually going live but id make a password cuz its getting to creepy for lots of people.i like it when its like 12 or 13 people cuz its big enough for not it to little but small enough where you can know who everyone is.
so my birthday is in 20 days! ya! that mean 20 days nd i can go shoppping again! cuz i promisedmy mom hataftermylasthaul i wouldntgo shopping untilmy then i could buy more!

ya so sorry about such a pointless post but i like to make one atleast once a day!

If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. But if you refuse to forgive others, your Father will not forgive your sins.
Matthew 6:14-15

Friday, January 16, 2009

youll be the prince and ill be the princess

Bom dia! (hello in portuagese!) i hope i just looked that up! ha but im gonna say that from now on! so i want to upload my haul. so i want on my computer and the wii fii wont work! idk so im on my dads computer making this post. and im not allowed to upload vids. on this comp. cuz my dad says it slows it done. so today really has been about friendship for me. idk i was just thinking about how every little thing you say really changes how people look at you/feel about you.
i know random right?! ha ya but im probably gonna change my blogskins today i just gotta find 1 that i really like!

well sorry for such a short blog. thats really all i needed to say!

well ok actually i have more.
my birthday is in 22 days so for my bday im going on a GIANORMO (gi-nor-mo) (ha i say that alot.) haul! like really big
like buying couple things from all my favorite stores! ahhh! :O! and then i can have like 2 or 3 friends spend the night. yep yep. so yep.

omg ya i almost 4got! so i went to this restraunt last night. and we were sitting down eating and there was this old man sitting my himself. and my dad was like. is that guy ok? so i turned around and he was slouched over with his hands in his lap. i was like..well maby he is just praying..well 5 minutes later he starts to like fall over. so one of the waistreses like help him and at first they think that he fell asleep. so they like start shaking him and trying to wake him up. BUT HE WONT DO ANYTHING! so they called 911. and the ambulence get there and he finally starts to .llike wake up but he like cant talk and he looked like really dizzy. well they take his blood pressure and stuff. well turns out they his blood pressure was extremely low and he passed out! ya and he was probably around 75 or 80. but he was seriously at the table right next to me! and they had to take him to the hospital. but i lost my appitite and i couldnt eat cuz it made me so sad. ya that hapened last night and i really hope he is ok! but the sad part is he was alone. idk is it just me or do you get sad when you see old people eat by themselves? well i do.

thanks for reading!

Proverbs 17:17
A friend loves you all the time

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ill be there when you fall

hey guys! so i know dont mad...ok dont yell! ha jk but ya sorry i havent posted ina while. been busy with school and some other things..but this is gonna bea kinda long post.

so if you scroll dont you can see that there is a bible verse at the end of this post. sorry if your antichist or athiest but i dont really care. yes i do like to plz my veiwers but as one of my new years resolutions i want to be a better person/christian. that doesnt mean im not gonna stop being funny.ha no way.just trying to be nicer to people who arent (ok ill still have good comebbacks)nice to me. but trust me im can just be as feirce as always. sorry if you dont like me anymore. and if you think im stupid becuz i love God. then well i think you need help. and im not trying to be mean but seriously thats stupid.

so fashion. i just got black uggs! ya! they are the short classic back. and im soin love. i also have a haul from urban outfitters and forever 21,and its just sitting inmy files waiting to be edited but ya. i can just tell you what i got. so first i got 3 things from urban outfitters. first igot a headband with a giant flower on it.2nd i got a navy button up jacket.and 3rd i gotthis shirt.its navy and has a hole bunch of lace on the chest. its so pretty

then the stuff i got from forever21. a tanish scarf hats 2 toned. a giant white flower ring. and white knee high socks! my uggs arent in the video cuz i got myuggs on tuesday and i went shopping on saturday.

well thats it. thanks for reading my post!

1 Peter 4:8
Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins

Saturday, January 10, 2009

so i stumble down the yellow brick road

so i like love my new layout. i know i dont care if people think im copying strawbezzi cuz im not. i love this layout and you can get over it. this is probably one of my favorite ones that ive done and its so cute! ofcorse i didnt make it! i give that to or blogskins. but ya ill be updating more later when i get home from the mall!

urban outfitter
morning shoppping sprees

forever 21
late night starbucks
dr. pepper

Friday, January 9, 2009

a new beginning

so yes im not leaving!but i wont be making vids as much. buti will stillmake them. so dont worry!


so im sorry to say i think im deleting my videos. long story. if you want to know why you can ask me on my youtube.
idk if im switching accounts or just leaving but whatever i do ill still watch and comment other people. i might switch to a different account but imnot sure yet. my friend taylor might spend the night tonight but idk cuz my dad is in a bad mood. and just screamed at me to leave him alone which doesnt help much either. i mean i know ill get a ton of commentssaying not to but before you do plz know my situation.:(((((

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

caught in the act

so ive been getting posing goin up in my blog! ya i know if your posing! wanna know why? becuz wheni checkyour ceemts on myaccount it shows your ip for instance. today i came home from school and a had like 4 people leaving some nasty comment. went on my account.all had the same ip address. so i dont think you should pose. becuz ill kknow :)also people are asking why cant they see the music implaying. persinally idk. no matter where i put the code it wont show.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

its a addiction

juicy cupcake earings

juicy shoe charm

urban outfitters cardigan

urban outfitters lace top

youve got to luv it.

hey guys. so ye just another boring day.:/ but my closet is done so i cna finis putting all my stuff in it! it may take a while but i hope to finish today. even though ii have a HUGE ammount of homework i really dont care. so sorry this was such a pointless review i just like to keep you posted every day!


betsey johnson
lepard print jewlry

lepard print uggs (lol sarah!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

like get this party started right!

ok bad news.well for me. i did have school today! ewwyyyy! but i gues it was OK. but it was funny cuz the coach i have is also my us hist.teacher and im his fav.student ( ha doubt it!) but anyway he was like so lauren did you run during break? and i just stared at him.. and he was like didnt think so.. then i was like well does shopping count? if not then... no. lol! but ya me and my coach ( p. diddy as we call him or chaps.loong story ) are cool like that! hahah. but ya thinking about making a vid. tomorrowcuz im already in my pjs. but ya i 4got to say that my closet is finished! yayay. all i have to do i have to do is but all my junk in it and ill be good to go. though i will prob. be going shopping on saturday and going to urban outfitters cuz i saw a whole bunch i want online. and i still have $71 left from christmas so ill deff. be using that up!

well addios bellas! ( ha i mixed to languages!)


Sunday, January 4, 2009

i dress to impress, i shine like a princess

so. alot of people have school tomorrow ( not dancer :P ) but i might not! haha yes in might ice/snow so i mght either not have school or just have school later in the day. but if so then i really hope i dont cuz i like to get ready for school an extra day. like straighten my hair the day before and get all my stuff together.which i currently am putting off soing and its 9:05. but im putting it off cuz i have an 80% change i wont have school :). but until then i need to get my stuff together so chao!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lauren's current state of the union

so i have no problem with other people doing current states of the unions. i just find it funny if i do like one little thing that may have something to do with strawbezzi everyone freaks out. but oh everyone copys my current state of the union. no big deal. so like does everyone wake up in the morning and think what mean thing should i say to juicy today? seriously haters get a life!


urban outfitters

american eagle

livin out of the box

so this is afcors another fashion post. but its mostly going to pictures of things like clothing and jewlry that i want/is popular. so ENJOY!

Friday, January 2, 2009

my lovely friend. who is lovely.....

ok so this is just a quick post about this lovely, amazing,pretty,gorgous, nice, adorable, andthe list goes own but her name is sarah and we were talking on yahoo and i redid her blog for her! it looks so cute so plz go check it out!

why cant live always be this easy

ok so just now i was reading my new teen vogue magazone and i decided to read my horiscope and this is what it said ( very freaky):

this month you'll be on cloud nine: romance isin the air, you'll excel at school and even your complextion will be flawless! enjoy it. this age of aquarious can't last forever.
FASHION:Mar's influence makes your styling expertise more spot-on than ever. start a fashion blog to docuent your talent!

LIKE HOLY CRAP! START A FASHION BLOG! DING DING DING! its like really creepy. and if you dont believe me lookin the new february teen vogue magazine. and its page 34. like i dont know if these things are real. but come on!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

where the rain ends and rainbow begins

hello fashion divas and diva-ets

so i know im so so disapointed in myself. i have not posted about the latest fashion! and trust me i have ALOT to spill!

so first off jewlry. animal print seems to be very popular. and i was just watching the girl danielleisdarrling or something and her whole room is zebra print and i totally ahdored that! so ya totally cute. i have a cheeta print necklace and and matching charm bracelet from betsey johnson (as seen in christmas haul) thats really cute. also big jewlry is really really cute.

ok some stuff that has hapened on ustream. well elenabrooke now known as juicyfied something deleted her vids becuz of something scary that hapened on ustream. if you ever go live and you see something with the name dingo in it plz plz bann him. he will give you a virus that gives him your IP address that gives him all your info. including where you live. that is why i will not being live anymore. there are to many freakos on ustream and i dont wanna go on there anymore. i mean i like everyone but if i had to choose between entertaining my veiwers or my life. well i choose uhhh MY LIFE!

but i will still be making you tube vids and twitter and blog. just no more ustream. sorry.

but anywho back to fashion. i guess everything else i have to say will be in my do's and donts!

french manicure
pashion fruit lemonade (starbucks)
tall black uggs
gift cards
layering clothes

polka dots on nails
heavy coats