Tuesday, January 20, 2009

we live for the fame.

BOM DIA! uhm ya so i went to dillards for the free makeup! well i kinda went late and all they had the clinique moister surge and estee lauder age defying. and i dont think i need age defying so afcorse i got the clinque. i havnt used it but when i do ill tell you how i like it. so my bday is in 17 days (tomorrow 17)! and im trying to come up with some goodies to get. and as you can see from the picures above^^^^^^^ thats kinda the stuff i want. but its not like i want to buy like everything in one store. no thats no how i roll. i like to get a variety from each store. or shall i say broaden my horizens! haha. but its funny cuz when i go shopping im always like. "ok im not aloud to walk out this door with less then * bags" and usely never get that many bags becuz it seems when i have alot of money to spend i cant find anything .and when i have little or no money i find everything i want! and usely when its my money i never find stuff i want but when its my parents i find alot. which will be a good thing when i go on my birthday spree cuz it will be my parents money! so yep enjoy the pics.!


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