Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its not what you wear, but how you wear it! <3

So its official, lauren has finished packing for her cruise! YUP! im leaving tommorrow and i dont get back until saturday. i will post over everything that i got when i get back. im sooo exited you have no clue! :D So i bought alot for the cruise or shall i say im bringing alot! i was really into dresses that have Giant bows in the middle. they are so cute! i think i just like bows period. also flowers and and bows for your hair . i bought a bunch for my hair to wear on the cruise. i find then extremely fashionable. i really went all out to make sure i look good 24/7 when im on the cruise. Not becuz i wanna be stuck up BUT because its only a 6 day thing and why not? most of us are to lazy to always look really nice, 6 days isnt gonna kill me.

so i hope all of you have a Fabulouss thanksgiving and make sure not to eat to much pumpkin pie! ;P

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