Wednesday, December 24, 2008

ring a ding ding

do you hear that?? i think they are sleigh bells! jkjk im not that stupid...... ok what ev. thats not the point. the point is tomorrows christmas! im not going to brag about presents at all! but idk if i should make a video of what i got becuz i already know people would say im a spoiled brat.. blah blah blah..... but i willl say that i will block anyone who says mean stuff and the reaason i get a kinda large amount is becuz i have a large family ( not like brothers and sisters but like cousins and stuff) and iman only child.but my mom doesnt just buy presents like in one month she buys throughout the year. but anyway i hope everyone has a merry christmas and a happy new year! and watch out for more vids on youtube! also if you wanna know what im doing follow me on twitter! my username is afh-cors juicychicluvsya!

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