Sunday, April 5, 2009

hold up wait a minute

dang guuys im so so sorry. i havnt posted in 4EVR. no joke. guess yu guld say i havnt been in the mood to make a post. and ya i havnt made a video in 2 weeks. but i guess ever since i started using a camera instead of a webcam ive been to i promise i WILL make a post every other day.. :D
so nuthins really hapened i guuess. im planning to make 2 videos today. a haul video of sally girl,china glaze,sephora and b&bw. YEP lots of goodies. but im planning to go to sallys again today so i decided to wait on making a video until after i go. also the other video i plan on making is my nail polish collection. im realy gaining alot of [polish, also i think suone rrequested it a long time ago and i never posted it. OOPS.
so what has been up with you guys? GUESS WHAT?!?! I ONLY HAVE 6 WEEKS OF SCHOOL LEFT!!!! wooo. yep. and in a couple weeks im going to washington dc for our grade trip! woo. also my dad said this summer we can go on vacation anywhere (within reason) so im thinking LA... last time i went there i was REALLY sick. only bcuz we wennt on a cruise and then when we got off wee stayed a night in LA and i guess you could say i was land sick. i didnt throw up but i could barely walk. and when we went to rodeo dr. guess what i did? my dad had to pick me up ad carry me everywhere. SO NOOOOO SHOPPING! blah i was mad. so may this summmer will make up for it. also i really reallyreally really want to go to disney land or disney world. ive NEVER been in my life and it looks like fun. ha im a dork
welll thats about it

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