Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OMG HEYY! so as you know i switched channels! i know use bellacouturex for youtube. but i know i havnt updated this thing in 4ever!! but since im on summer break ill have more time! so here is just a little survey for yall! also expect a video later.. ENJOY!;D

Lose a Finger or a Toe? Toe

Nose Bleed or Paper Cut? paper cut

Smile or Frown? SMILE :)

January or December? December!! CHRISTMAS!!

Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt? uhhhhh Brad Pitt

Guns N Roses or Metallica? ewwww. uhm guns N roses

Black or White? White

Green or Blue? Blue

Happy or Sad?HAPPY :D

Smoking or Drinking? neitherrrrr!!

Beaver or Platypus?Platypus???

Dog or Cat?Doggyy

Ren or Stimpy?Ren i gues?

Sponge Bob or Patrick?Sponge Bob!!!

Whats your dream house?a cottage or some sweet little house lol

Where would you be able to spend hours and be happy?MAC or sephora lol

Whats your favorite doughnut?CHOCOLATE!

Do you know how to cook?yepp

Do you like icecream?ya i loovvve pecan

Who posts the most on your news feed?huh? well on twitter sarah post alot lol

Who doesn't post enough on your news feed?WHAT?? and i guess IDK

Have you been in a close to death situation?ya. i almost drowned

At what age do you want to die?20000 :)

What is the color of your room?white purple cream and some black

How big is your house?uh idk normal sized

What do expect for your future?good things!;D

Do you have any allergies?not really

How many times do you hugs people in a week?100000times

Are you a facebook addict?not really but i sometimes get on

Do you believe in God?HECK YA!

What is your fave type of underwear?the kind you wear? lol

Do you like snow?YES

Winter or summer?Winterrr

When are weddings better when its cold or hot?cold

What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?winning a award that i wanted for school LOL

Do you believe in ghosts?sometimes

How old are you?older than 1 younger than 100

What is your favorite sport?tennis/vollerball

What was the last movie you saw? night at the museum 2


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