Friday, February 6, 2009


Eye color:green
Hair color: golden brown (NOT BLONDE)
Height: 5'7.
Favorite color: purple:color of royalty!
Favorite Band: owl city
Favorite Movie: clique,Norbit
Favorite Show:
Your Car: my parents car:BMW,FORD,CHEVY
Your Crushes First Name: ha ya right
Favorite Inside Joke: OMG I <2323 YOU! (FRANNNY)

Have you ever?
Sat on your rooftop: ya right, i would fall
Kissed someone in the rain: No.
Danced in a public place: uh HELLO! im lauren.ofcorse!
Smiled for no reason: every second!
Laughed so hard you cried: everyday
Written a song: ha ya right
Sang to someone for no reason: actuallyi do that in the mall all the time
Performed on a stage: ya once 3rd grade.....never again.....
Gone out of your way to befriend somebody:uh ya. imnot like that,they either like me or they dont

Who was the last person to:
Say hi to you: uhhhhhh nikki or fran
Tell you, i love you: mom
Tell you BYE: becca
wrote you a note: becca
take your photo: my computer
call your cellphone: advertisment! lol
buy you something: myself!
go with you to the movies: my dad
text message you: idk my phone is dead

Whats the last...:
Time you laughed: just now at nikkis live chat
Time you cried:last month
movie you watched: smokey the bandit, lol my dad was watching it
joke you told:knock knock.....lauren.........LAUREN THE AHMAZING GIRL DUH!
song you've sang: hot n cold.
time you've looked at the clock: 9:23 pm
drink you've had: lemon ice tea
food you've eaten : spagetti
flavor of gum chewed:TRIDENT peppermint
shoes you've worn: black short uggs
store you've been in: ae
thing you've said: IM SOOOO FULLL!

Can you:
write with both hands: RIGHTY!
whistle: not really
blow a bubble: heck ya
roll your tongue in a circle: yup
cross your eyes: who cant!
stay up a whole night without sleep: tried it, fell asleep 6:30 am. NEVER AGAIN!
speak a diff. language: ha i wish
impersonate someone: no but i like to watch fran impersonate a certain person!lol fran,shayna
cook anything: uhhh cerial

Finish the line:
If i were a...: princess... wait i am1
when you...: wish upona star
So many people don't know that: im utterly ahmazing
I am...: watching nikki live and watching george lopez
My heart is: open for new friends!


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