Wednesday, February 4, 2009

when you see my face i hope it gives you hell

hey guys!so i havnt really made a post in while. i havnt been on the computer in 2 days and ive had alot of test.

so my birthday is in 3 days and im almost done shopping.i have $105 left and im about to go shopping again today.i think im gonna spend most of it at forever 21 becuz there is alot of stuff i want there. im not gonna make a video until i buy everything i want to.
so alot of people on youtube are sending me comments asking me if i even make videos anymore or get on youtube. yes i do get on youtube. and i watch all of your videos i just dont comment them. i do favorite all my videos i watch so plz dont think i subscribe to you just to be nice its cuz i really do watch your videos!

well thats about it!

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